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OB Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, SUP Boards, Stand Up Paddle Board, SUP Board, Paddle Boards, Paddle Board


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OB Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, SUP Boards, Stand Up Paddle Board, SUP Board, Paddle Boards, Paddle Board


OB Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, SUP Boards, Stand Up Paddle Board, SUP Board, Paddle Boards, Paddle Board

Size:  Each OB Boards stand up paddle board measures 10'6" x 32" x 4.5".  The design is an "all-around" SUP board type.  All-arounders are boards that have been designed to have plenty of glide on flat water, but still easily manouverable in the waves due to the length and narrow tail. The extra width makes them more stable than boards that are more narrow.  They and are also generally easier to paddle than the cruising / touring boards, so they're great for beginners and paddlers needing more stability, and are a popular choice for SUP yoga and SUP barre as well.

Core:  The OB Boards SUP board core is hand shaped from 2lb. urethane expanded foam.  Typical stand up paddle board cores are EPS foam (styrofoam).  The EPS foam is readily available, light weight (but fragile), relatively buoyant, easy to shape, and is inexpensive.  All of which are factors contributing to its popularity among board builders.  In contrast, the urethane expanded foam is expensive, and requires significantly more shaping time and skill, and experience with using the material.  But, the end result is a beautiful and much more durable product that is exponentially more buoyant than competing EPS foam cores.

(The 2lb. urethane expanded foam has been tested in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard Regulation # 33 CFR 183.114 and is approximately 95-98% closed cell which resists absorbing water.  Physical properties include parallel compressive strength of 40 psi, tensile strength of 30 psi, shear strength of 30 psi, and flexural strength of 50 psi - it's strong and buoyant!)

Stringer:  The stringer is traditionally a thin strip of wood that runs down the middle of the SUP board. The wood is typically made of balsa and the thickness increases the strength and rigidity of the board.  Balsa is the material of choice due to its lightweight relative to its strength, rigidity, and buoyancy.  At OB Boards, we always strive to incorporate modern material advancements while still staying true to the traditional practice of stand up paddle board construction.  In place of wood stringers, and another area of advancement that sets us apart from other stand up paddle boards, is that all OB Boards are all outfitted with carbon fiber stringers.  Carbon fiber has a fantastic strength to weight ratio, so you can essentially get the strength you need with a fraction of the weight compared to traditional wooden stringers.

Fin:  OB Boards stand up paddle boards are designed and fitted with a three fin all-around / thruster board set up.  OB Boards have a three-fin setup for better manoeuvering in swells and waves, providing dynamic action and easier turning. Some three, four, and five-fin setups are called "thrusters"; they allow the board to move faster through the waves while surfing.  Three-fin setups are NOT favorable for flat water since the two outside fins create drag. OB Boards SUP board designs allow you to remove the two outside fins, which makes for great versatility. Take two fins off and voila! - now you have a flat water board. In some cases you can even remove the centre fin and replace it with a longer, single fin—even better for flat water. This makes for a great all-around board, ideal for beginner and intermediate SUPers who want to try different techniques and water conditions.

Weight (Board and Capacity):  Each of the OB Boards SUP boards are 156.295 liters (5.52 cubic feet) of volume.  OB Boards feature 2lb. urethane expanded foam cores.  It is rare to find his type of foam in stand up paddle board design and construction because it is considerably more expensive than the EPS foam (styrofoam) found in most SUP boards, and is difficult to shape requiring significantly more time and skill, as well as experience with using the material.  But, one of the many many benefits of using this type of foam is its buoyancy of 60lbs. per cubic foot, or a maximum capacity of 331.171 lbs!  You will not find a competitive product with buoyancy anywhere near the current OB Boards stand up paddle board designs.  Coupled with tremendous weight capacity is its incredibly overall low weight of 20lbs

Finish:​  The OB Boards stand up paddle boards artwork is applied early in the finish process to the prepped foam core and stringers.  Following the completion of the art design, the sup boards are wrapped with two 6oz. fiberglass layers on the board bottom and three 6oz. fiberglass layers on the deck.  The fiberglass layers are solidified in place with epoxy resin, that is eventually dry and wet sanded down to a high gloss finish.  Bungee attachments are installed at the board nose, recessed hand grip is located in the middle of the board, and a leash cup is plugged in the tail.  Finally, a clear hexagonal deck pad extends through the middle of the board, as to not hinder the view of the board art.  ​


OB Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, SUP Boards, Stand Up Paddle Board, SUP Board, Paddle Boards, Paddle Board